Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation Survey

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Full Name
Did you know that FAAR has a charitable giving arm, the Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation?*
The Foundation’s mission is to provide “grants to local charitable organizations whose clients struggle with hardships that threaten their ability to secure and retain shelter.” Do you think that the mission of the Foundation should remain focused solely on housing?
Yes, the mission of the Foundation should remain solely focused on housing issues.
No, I think the mission should expand into other charitable giving areas.
If the Foundation were to expand its mission into other charitable giving areas, what issues are most important to you?
Food Insecurity
Children's Services
Medical Services
Please specify any other charitable giving areas the Foundation should expand its mission to incude.
If you choose to support the Foundation financially in the future, how would you prefer to make your contribution?
Online through the FAAR website
Participation in a raffle, silent auction, or similar fundraiser
Participation in an event such as a golf tournament
Sponsorship of an event
As an option on the FAAR dues
None of the above
Other, please specify below
Please type your preferred method of contribution here.
Please provide any further comments you may have on the Fredericksburg Realtors® Foundation.