Nomination Form for the 2020 Icon Award

Deadline for submission - October 31, 2020



The Nominee must be a past or present REALTOR® member of the Association. Photo (5x7 max.) of the nominee must accompany the application sent via email to 


This honor is awarded to a REALTOR® who has made a significant mark on the profession of real estate in the locality where he or she works. The Nominee’s name is recognizable to the community at large and is synonymous with exemplary ethical behavior and knowledgeable and compassionate service to clients and customers. The individual is highly respected by the REALTOR® community. The Nominee is generous with his or her time supporting community organizations/project/programs.  

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4. Date of Nominee's Last Ethics Seminar
5. List examples of exemplary ethical behavior:
6. List examples of knowledgeable and compassionate service to clients and customers:
7. List examples of the respect that agents in the REALTOR® community have for this individual:
8. List examples of the respect that community leaders have for the Nominee:
9. List examples of how the Nominee is generous with his/her time supporting community organizations/project/programs:
10. List notable activities/accomplishments/recognitions from REALTOR® organizations or civic organizations:
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