REALTOR® of the Year Award Nomination Form

The nomination form must be submitted to the FAAR office by February 14, 2020.

Nominating a member?

In order for the Awards Committee to understand the significant achievements of the person you are nominating, please make every effort to fill out the application with as much information you can gather. All sections do not need to be completed. The information provided and letters of recommendations, testimonials, etc. are value added details and are taken into consideration in the judging.

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The Recipient must be a REALTOR® Member of the Association. Please email a photo to after submitting this form online.  


This honor is awarded to the REALTOR® for exemplary service to the REALTOR® Association, its members and the general public. It is for service above and beyond what is required by any elected or appointed office. The honoree shows a dedication to professionalism beyond what is normally expected. This award may not necessarily be given each year.
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Recommendation for subject award should exclude any nominee found in violation of the Code of Ethics during the qualification period of this Award. In those cases, where a nomination is submitted by someone other than the Principal Broker or Sales Manager, the Awards Committee will verify with the Professional Standards Committee as to whether or not the nominee has been found in violation of NAR’s Code of Ethics in the past two years and/or in violation of the Virginia licensing laws.
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