2018 Manager of the Year Award Nomination Form

Nominating a member?

In order for the Awards Committee to understand the significant achievements of the person you are nominating, please make every effort to fill out the application with as much information you can gather. All sections do not need to be completed. The information provided and letters of recommendations, testimonials, etc. are value added details and are taken into consideration in the judging.

Individuals must have served his/her firm in a brokerage management capacity. This would include any licensed sales manager and owner- broker who is directly managing a real estate company, office or sales staff. Must be a member in good standing of the Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS®. Submit form to the Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS® by February 15, 2019.
Nominee's Name*
Nominee's Designations
Nominee's Company
Date of Last Ethics Seminar
1. Commitment to personal and Associate education
a. Current professional designations
b. Professional or Continuing Education courses taken within the last 24 months.
c. Has the nominee attended a professional standards or agency seminar within the last 24 months?
d. Internal or external education and training delivered to associates, including support of educational opportunities for Associates, whether monetary or in allowance of time.
2. REALTOR® achievements & contributions (local, state, and/or national).
a. Committees chaired (local/state/national, indicate years)
b. Committee membership (local/state/national, indicate years)
c. The nominee has assisted the local association by
d. The most significant contribution for which this person has been nominated is
3. Business and Civic Accomplishments
a. Positions held in current real estate office
b. Public recognition of business conduct
c. Exemplary services to clients/customers
d. Business related awards received
e. Civic involvement (indicate information on nominee’s “active” participation vs “non- active” membership: includes service clubs, charitable organizations, religious groups, etc. and awards or other recognition received from such groups)
4. Management criteria (innovation, creativity, originality)
a. Describe unique or creative methods of associate recruitment
b. Describe unique creative methods of associate retention
c. Describe goal setting methods used by nominee as related to office and associate
profitability and productivity.
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